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Thread: Hard Bondage & Torture Video Clips Vol.2

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    2118 - Slavegirl Mei - Introducing Mei

    DESCRIPTION: The tiny, elfin Mei may look angelic and fragile, but this half-polynesian beauty proved to be a natural born masochist of the highest order. She may be new to Shadow, but she's certainly not new to pain, and with a reputation that preceded her, Magick was ready with one of the most challenging introductory scenes we have shot to date.
    It all starts reasonably enough, with spanks, slaps and pinches, met with sighs of pleasure and smiles - an early indication that this is not a girl expecting an easy ride. Caning her ass, cunt and breasts serves adequately as a warm-up for what is to come.

    Next Magick tests her fitness, as she runs on the spot, encouraged with a human hair whip, but she is very quickly breathless. Deciding this is a symptom of her smoking habit, he demonstrates the point, blowing smoke in her face and making her smoke cigarettes as she continues to run. Sharp clamps bite into her nipples, her mouth serves as an ashtray as more cigarettes are added, smoking three at a time, and stuffed in her nostrils - all the time running and gasping for breath. Finally she is allowed to rest and recover with a mouthful of ash, as clamps and clothespins are attached across her whole torso. Made to stand with a glass full of water in each hand, way out to her sides, her muscle control and obedience are put to the test as the pins are whipped from her body while she tries not to spill a drop. With pins re-attached over her face she must then tidy up the resulting mess, and move on to a series of push ups, encouraged all the way with a spiteful leather strap.

    ======= ;)
    Duration: 01:12:06
    File Size: 1.22 GB
    File Type: WMV
    Resolution: 1280х720

    DOWNLOAD --->>> 2118 - Slavegirl Mei - Introducing Mei.part1.rar
    DOWNLOAD --->>> 2118 - Slavegirl Mei - Introducing Mei.part2.rar

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