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Thread: BDSM Extra Porn Movies Collection For True Connoisseurs

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    The Goldminers

    The Goldminers

    Year: 2011
    Genre: BDSM, spanking, torture
    Duration: 00:29:39
    Studio: ElitePain

    Two sexy girls are called as 'goldminers' and tortured by Mr Lomp, because these two girls usually seek friendship of older, mature men, so that the older men support them. This is not an accaptable habit by the standards of the EliteClub, and these ladies must be tortured for being 'Gold-miners'.

    Video Format: WMV
    Video codec: Windows Media
    Audio Codec: WMA
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 1024x576 25.00fps 1500Kbps
    Audio: Windows Media Audio 48000Hz stereo 96Kbps

    File size: 352.6 MB

    Download The Goldminers

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    Discipline In Russia Volume 19- Serfdom

    Discipline In Russia Volume 19- Serfdom

    Country: Russia
    Genre: BDSM (spanking, humiliation, punishment)
    Length: 00:55:26
    Studio: Nettles Corp.

    Description: Slavery in Russia ended in 1864. In these dark days, slave girls (serf girls) would often have to submit to cruel corporeal punishments such as whipping, birching, and flogging.
    In this story, two surf girls were subjected to whipping by birch on their naked posteriors. Girls were forced to undress naked for this shameful punishment. The reason for the punishment was stealing from the mistress. For the punishment, they were tied to the tree. Severe birching left throbbing, bloody asses on the victims.

    Video quality: DVDRip
    Video Format: WMV
    Video codec: Windows Media
    Audio Codec: WMA
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 720x576 25.00fps 1500kbps
    Audio: Windows Media Audio 48000Hz stereo 128kbps

    File size: 646.5 MB

    Download Discipline In Russia Volume 19- Serfdom

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    Discipline In Russia 5 - Sport School

    Discipline In Russia 5 - Sport School

    Year: 2006
    Length: 00:55:26
    Studio: Nettles Corp.
    Genre: russian, teen, bdsm, bondage, toys, caning, crying, submission, pain, whip, humiliation, punishment, torture, beating, public
    Cast: Jerry Gerooshvile (Jora), Nina Saley, Ulia Butina, Kalina Sharina, Tonova Taisa

    In Russian sports schools, it is quite common for the male coaches to mercilessly and shamelessly whip young girls in front of each other. The girls are usually whipped on their rear ends in order to shame them.
    One of the girls in this particular movie is punished for drinking during a school trip. She was forced to strip down naked and beaten to the point of unspeakable pain.

    Video quality: DVDRip
    Video Format: AVI
    Video Codec: XviD
    Audio Codec: MP3
    Video: 720x480 29.97fps 1744kbps
    Audio: 32000Hz stereo 64kbps

    File size: 720.2 MB

    Download Discipline In Russia 5 - Sport School

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    The young teacher's punishment!

    The young teacher's punishment!

    Brutal BDSM for the fans of humiliation !
    Year: 2011
    Genre: BDSM, torture, spanking, bondage,
    Duration: 10-30 min (See Screenlist!)
    Country: USA
    Description:The young teacher's punishment! Young girls in distress. They are beaten humiliated forced to suck dick. They have to bandage, but they like it! Many scenes of submission and pain. Cruel BDSM for true connoisseurs. Many orgasm screams and moans. Wet pussy will not escape punishment. Watch and enjoy.
    Quality: SiteRip
    Format: WMV
    Video codec: Windows Media
    Audio codec: Windows Media
    Video: Windows Media Video 320x280- 640x480 29.00fps 699Kbps
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps
    Size: 123.4 MB
    Click on the screen they will open:

    File size: 123.4 MB

    Download The young teacher's punishment!

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    Exclusive BDSM premium!

    Exclusive BDSM premium!

    Year :2004-2010
    Genre:Extreme Bondage, Torture, Humiliation, Domination, BDSM, Enema, Gag, Plug, Spanking
    Length: 83 min

    Starring: A lot of sexy girls
    Description:Exclusive BDSM premium! Oh, how beautiful this world - look! Legend! I am not afraid of the word "founder" of modern trends! Each clip - a work of art. You look like the first time.The most extreme American pornographic production featuring female submissives.Interesting cruel bondage, which should have every fan of the genre! Do not miss out.

    Quality: CamRip
    Format: RealMedia (RM)
    Video: RealVideo 3 320x240 (4:3) 15.000 fps 181 Kbps / RealVideo 4 424x240 (16:9) 15.000 fps 386 Kbps
    Audio: Cooker 44.1 KHz 2 channels 44.1 Kbps / Cooker 44.1 KHz 1 channel 64.1 Kbps
    Video Codec: RV40 After you install the codec you want to enable (disable all others)
    Size : 304.6 Mb

    File size: 304.7 MB

    Download Exclusive BDSM premium!

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    IntoTheAttic - Posted: 3.5.2009 - Iris

    IntoTheAttic - Posted: 3.5.2009 - Iris

    25 year old Iris is in on what may be her last visit. Let's dig in.
    We find Iris putting on manacles, collar, very wide spreader bar and, ultimately, I put a bar between her neck and the spreader bar that her wrists are attached too. She's also sitting in front of a plate that's be drawn onto the floor. In three corners we find the ingredients for spaghetti. One bowl has the pasta, another has the sauce and another has the bread. One thing about that sauce bowl, instead of marinara sauce it has hot salsa. Iris had indicated she was a little hungry when she came in. So I told her to go fetch all the ingredients and put them together on her "plate" where she'll eat it. She complained immediately that she couldn't do it. That her legs were spread just too far. But I knew she could. And we watched her. We watched her struggle with it. Did I forget to mention she also has a 16 lb. bowling ball attached to her neck? She struggled desperately. She was exasperated. She wanted to give up several times. But we pushed her. And she finally managed. She managed to get first the pasta, cold and hardened. She dumped it right in her plate. Then she managed to get the hot salsa dumped onto that. I thought she was going to drag the bowing ball attached to her neck through her "plate" on the way to the bread but she managed to avoid that mishap with some extra frustration on her part. Once she had the ingredients together and on her plate it was time to dig in. Of course, it required great effort for her to just get into a position to eat the food, but she finally managed. And we watch her --right up in her face-- as she eats it with her face hole. Hot salsa getting all over her lips and skin. Burning it. And it's tough eatin' for her. She lets us know right away its "horrible". Her nose runs, her legs shake from the awkward position and the food looks absolutely disgusting. Finally, she tells me she can't eat anymore. So I ask her to bend over and then take a flogger to her ass....

    Video resolution is 720x480 (16:9) at 2000 Kb/s
    Length: 48 minutes
    Size: 712mb

    File size: 712.9 MB

    Download IntoTheAttic - Posted: 3.5.2009 - Iris

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    Aug 11, 2010 - Gigi Rivera

    Aug 11, 2010 - Gigi Rivera

    Year: 2010
    Genre: BDSM, Fuck Machine, Masturbation, Toys, Hardcore
    Duration: 00:19:51
    Description: Gigi is 19, three weeks into the industry and talks big game. Her confidence is uncanny - it's like there is a 28 year old locked inside her petite 19 year old body. She gets naked quick and jumps on the Spreader in the ready position. Okay, Gigi let's see what you got. She takes a good, solid fucking but her orgasms are near silent. That or she is so quick to we can fuck her to no end. Or so it seems - The Sybian finally wins out and she begs for the machine to stop. Her pussy lets all in the close up gape shot where her hot cum leaks out with her contracting lips. Thank you Gigi!

    Video Quality: SiteRip |
    Video Format: MP4 |
    Video codec: H.264/AVC |
    Audio codec: AAC
    Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280 x 720, 3000 kbps, 29.970 fps |
    Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 125 kb / s tot, stereo (2 / 0)

    File size: 444.3 MB

    Download Aug 11, 2010 - Gigi Rivera

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    Girlfriends 2

    Girlfriends 2

    Categories: BDSM, Bondage, FemDom, Fetish, Latex, NoSex, AllGirl
    Studio: Jewell Marceau Productions

    Jewell Marceau has invited her girlfriend Darling over to play dress up in Jewells extensive latex wardrobe collection full of shiny, sexy, skin tight rubber! Both girls progressively get more turned on dressing and undressing, lubing each other up from head to toe, not missing one curve or crevice on their voluptuous bodies. The girls get lost in their mutual bondage and latex fantasies as they try on multiple ball-gags and ring gags, continuously making out and worshipping each other non-stop, consensually tying each other up with spanking, cropping, paddling, teasing tongues, vibrators and some long, deep insertable toys, both girls seem to get each other off, fulfilling their shared fetish desires of bondage, rubber, and hot sex!

    Format: wmv
    Video: 640x480 at 29.970 fps, VC-1@ WMV3, 1177 Kbps
    Runtime: 01:20:21
    Filesize: 730.91 MiB

    File size: 697.1 MB

    Download Girlfriends 2

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    Nikki Daniels part - 1

    Nikki Daniels part - 1

    Production year: 2011
    The name of the actress: Nikki Daniels
    Name movie: Sucking & Fucking
    Country: United States
    Genre: Fucking Machines, Bondage, Fetish, Masturbation, Oral
    Length: 00:14:11

    Description: Tied tight and spread wide, Nikki struggles with the Cumbot between her thighs ... She surely has no clue as to what shall come next but, it's not going to take her very long to find out ... Enter Mr. Vegas who flips the switch, sending little Nikki into immediate sensory overload ... He has a few more tricks up his sleeve though as he begins to paw at Nikki's tightly confined little body. Then, he feeds her some cock which she greedily swallows ..

    Video Quality: SiteRip
    Video Format: MP4
    Video codec: H.264/AVC
    Audio codec: AAC
    Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 960x720 (16:9) 29.97fps 1504Kbps
    Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 1411kbps

    File size: 163.9 MB

    Download Nikki Daniels part - 1

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    Hard Tied - Cherry Torn - December 3, 2008

    Hard Tied - Cherry Torn - December 3, 2008

    A fabulous shoot with PD in top form and cherrytorn his abject, willing subject as they wallow in sexual heat BDSM style. Bound in a steer tie, cherrytorn's on the floor and PD fucks her with his toes. The wind howls outside the barn as cherrytorn's whipped, hung by her wrists, and whipped again. Then with her neck, wrists, and tits bound to a yoke and her knees and ankles lashed to spreader bars, he makes her stride up and down like some kind of bizarre futuristic being. Once she's on her knees, he bangs her in the ass, beats her with a paddle, and vibrates the bitch to a long surging orgasm, both of them snared in his strange, transfiguring desire.

    Format: rm
    Video: RealVideo 4 852x488 15.00fps 698Kbps
    Audio: RealAudio COOK 44100Hz mono
    Length: 00:35:49

    File size: 197.8 MB

    Download Hard Tied - Cherry Torn - December 3, 2008

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