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Thread: BDSM Extra Porn Movies Collection For True Connoisseurs

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    Bobbi Starr

    Bobbi Starr

    Date of video: Aug 21, 2009
    Video Resolution: 1280x720
    Duration: 01:12:36 min.
    Flash size: 908 Mb.

    File size: 851.1 MB

    Download Bobbi Starr

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    Cuckold Creampie 5

    Cuckold Creampie 5

    Genre: Cuckold, Fetish, Bondage, Humiliation
    Duration: 01:12:36
    Size: 679.11 Mb
    Director: Steve
    Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
    Cast: Lia, Sarah, Devil Dan, tosha
    Description: slave licking sperm with their cats gospazhey and they still fucked him in popets, sucks and licks a member of the peasant paunchy with a stocking on his head.
    That kradtse and all, Watch Your Health!

    Format: AVI
    Video codec: DivX
    Audio codec: MPEG Audio (mp3)
    Videos: Video: DivX 3 480x360 25.00fps
    Audio: Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps

    File size: 679.1 MB

    Download Cuckold Creampie 5

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    Video receive a gynecologist

    Video receive a gynecologist

    Size: 285 Mb
    Bideo: 512x384
    Quality: DVD Rip

    File size: 285.8 MB

    Download Video receive a gynecologist

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    IntoTheAttic - Posted: 3.12.2009 - Elise

    IntoTheAttic - Posted: 3.12.2009 - Elise

    27 year old Elise is back at The Attic for a little forced exercise. But before we can do that we need to have a little inspection. So she's seated on a stool in a box tie that's roped up to the ceiling. Then her legs are drawn up and outward exposing her genitalia. Her big toes get tied off to the floor. Once her pussy has maximum exposure clothespins are attached to her poo lips and tied off to her big toes. This act has Elise squealing a bit like a pig. Now we can see right up in her cunt. I sure hope you like looking up in that dark area in there because we give you a rather disturbing close-up. Elise is whining so much at this point a ball gag gets strapped tightly into her mouth. Afterward, I expose her cunt just a bit further by shoving a speculum into her and setting it at its widest position. She's shaking at this point, eyes sometimes rolling into the back of her head. You can see deeply down into her cunt now. And what we see is white, milky fluid beginning to collect at the bottom of her cunt. Lots of it. I take a finger and collect it. Then I wipe it right under her nose and on her lips as though it were lipstick. She finally gets the Hitachi popped on her cunt which causes her to go into some crazy screaming tirade. When she's ready to cum she asks and when she tells me she's starting I just pull the vib off of her and walk away. She's left desperate, head down and frustrated beyond measure. Did she start crying?..

    Video resolution is 720x480 (16:9) at 2000 Kb/s
    Length: 40 minutes
    Size: 615mb

    File size: 615.7 MB

    Download IntoTheAttic - Posted: 3.12.2009 - Elise

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    Saloon redheaded

    Saloon redheaded

    The girl shows what she has great gadgets for full sex

    Duration: 11:58

    Format: AVI
    Video codec: XVID
    Audio codec: MPEG3
    Video: XVID 704 x 528
    Audio: MPEG3 44 kHz, 2 (stereo), 96Kbps
    Size: 188 Mb

    File size: 188.0 MB

    Download Saloon redheaded

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    IntoTheAttic - Posted: 9.18.2008 - Zayda J.

    IntoTheAttic - Posted: 9.18.2008 - Zayda J.

    21 year old Zayda is back at The Attic to get herself a Brazilian wax. Now, she's had this really hairy pussy for quite a few weeks now so she could do a shoot with a local web site. And I'm telling you folks --its hairy. When she bent over to show us her asshole one day we couldn't help but notice the curly Q of hair right by her a-hole.
    Things got started by roping Zayda spread-eagle to the floor up in the attic. Her chest and pelvis lifted a few inches off the floor, providing the wax chick enough room down there to get her job done. Once Zayda was roped in and the wax brought up to the proper temperature it was time to take a pair of clippers to her cunt to get all the longer stuff off.

    5 Video Clips - (24 minutes, 720x480 @ 773 Kb/s)

    Total size: 140.6 MB in 5 files.

    Download IntoTheAttic - Posted: 9.18.2008 - Zayda J.

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    Insex - Water Torture

    Insex - Water Torture

    Video from

    File size: 72 MB

    Resolution: 320x240

    Format video: RM

    Codec: Real Media

    Duration: 00:44:36 min

    Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism, Torture, Fetish, , Spanking, Rubber

    File size: 72.5 MB

    Download Insex - Water Torture

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    Bound and punished ..!

    Bound and punished ..!

    Size: 170.09 Mb
    Bideo: 512x384
    Quality: DVD Rip

    File size: 170.1 MB

    Download Bound and punished ..!

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    Spanking And Beads!

    Spanking And Beads!

    Size: 43.93 Mb
    Bideo: 512x384
    Quality: DVD Rip

    File size: 43.9 MB

    Download Spanking And Beads!

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    IntoTheAttic - Posted: 3.20.2008 - Isadora

    IntoTheAttic - Posted: 3.20.2008 - Isadora

    This was 24 year old Isadora's first visit to The Attic. She's a natural girl that doesn't really care for the act of blowing a lifeless dildo --especially one as large as Luther. But I must say, she does a pretty darn good job of getting it three inches down her throat with aplomb --even with a chain and collar around her neck. I gotta say, she did try hard to get it back a bit further but the girth on Luther was just too much for her.
    Isadora gets her arms bound in a box tie, laid on her belly and her ankles tied up on a post. Her chest gets pulled and secured up off the floor. Things start right off with some clit simulation using the Hitachi. As soon as it touches her box her eyes close and she gets all gravelly sounding. Given that she hasn't ever used a Hitachi before I ask her if she likes it. Yeah, that's a 10-4. When I told her she needed to let us know when she was about to cum she got all confused and wanted to know why. Soon she was distracted again and, after a couple of minutes, she let me know she was ready to cum. Her mouth was all ajar, eyes closed and reduced to simply murmuring answers. She was a good girl though. When it was time she looked right at the camera and let you, The Viewer, know she was cumming...

    4 Video Clips - 42 minutes, 720x480

    Total size: 240.9 MB in 4 files.

    Download IntoTheAttic - Posted: 3.20.2008 - Isadora

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