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Thread: BDSM Extra Porn Movies Collection For True Connoisseurs

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    Bailey Brooks

    Bailey Brooks

    Year: 2011-01-29
    Duration: 00:15:37
    Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Hardcore, Domination
    Starring: Bailey Brooks
    Studio: Hogtied
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 1280x720 29.97fps 1500Kbps
    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps

    Description: Bailey Brooks and her amazing body are back at Hogtied. This short haired angel is as sexy as she is fun to watch suffer and cum. Secured into a spread squatting position, Bailey's long sexy legs are displayed to good fashion. Her shaved pussy is just begging for attention as her excitement slowly leaks out. However, her huge breasts and nipples get our focus first. Strong clamps and weights are placed on each of her huge nipples and she moans in pain from the of them. That is not the only weight we add; a massive ball is bound to her neck rope and it's slowly choking her out - ever so slowly. As we vibrate her pussy and she gets closer to the darkness, her body does what every woman's body does at this point. It delivers her massive orgasm after orgasm, and the thrashing, screaming and cumming only quicken the choking. Her own body is betraying her and hastening her demise, and there is nothing she can do to control anything. She's just trying to survive, but her body won't let her as yet another orgasm takes her to the very edge of the void.

    File size: 187.0 MB

    Download Bailey Brooks

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    Derrick Pierce and Felony

    Derrick Pierce and Felony

    About movie: Felony has the hottest and most intense reactions when she's tied up, dominated and fucked. Her body is extra sensitive today and Derrick Pierce lets her have it from the cat o 'nine tails, floggers, nipple clamps and zapper. While bound, Felony has big squirting orgasms from being fucked in her pussy and deep in her ass!

    Name: big floppy eared since. Moat sadomiruyut
    Original title: SexAndSubmission - Derrick Pierce and Felony [HD 720p]
    Year: 2010
    Genre: anal, hard sex, BDSM, brutal
    Starring: Derrick Pierce and Felony
    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video in Sept. 1280x720 29.97fps 1500kbps [Raw Video 1]
    File size: 625,08 mb
    Duration: 00:52:09

    File size: 637.0 MB

    Download Derrick Pierce and Felony

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    [BDSM] [Her First Punishment - In hands of Omon - vol. 2]

    [BDSM] [Her First Punishment - In hands of Omon - vol. 2]

    In hands of OMON 2
    File size: 317 MB
    Resolution: 720x576
    Time: 20:53

    File size: 317.1 MB

    Download [BDSM] [Her First Punishment - In hands of Omon - vol. 2]

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    Year: 2007
    Genre: BDSM, Anal, Bizzare, Domination, Fetish, Spanking
    Length: 1:11:47
    Directed by: Alex D
    Studio: EVS

    Description: Unter strenger Beobachtung bekommt der Prügelsklave Anweisungen das Treppenhaus gründlich zu reinigen, mit der Zunge versteht sich. Im Pranger fixiert und mit Gewichten am Hoden beugt er sich widerwillig den Wünschen seiner maskierten, eleganten Herrin - Spanking, Schläge mit dem Rohrstock, Analdehnung und Natursekt. Lady Seven weiß genau was sie will. Mit lauter, dominanter Stimme erzieht sie ihren Sklaven zur Gehorsamkeit. Bevor er ihre zarten Füße küssen und auf ihnen kommen darf muss er eine harte Prüfung bestehen - Kopf über aufgehängt unterzieht er sich einer nicht enden wollenden Whipping - Tortur.

    Quality: DVDRip Format: AVI
    Video Codec: XviD
    Audio codec: MPEG Audio (mp3)
    Video: 512x384 (1.33:1), 25 fps, XviD build 47 ~ 1219 kbps avg, 0.25 bit / pixel Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 128.86 kbps avg

    File size: 699.5 MB

    Download Prugelstrafe

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    Princess Donna Ashley Jane and Ally Ann - BDSM

    Princess Donna Ashley Jane and Ally Ann - BDSM

    Princess Donna co his acolytes shackle, twisted two young blondes and make their peepka everything they want.

    Format: Wmv
    Size: 507 mb
    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128kbps
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 1280x720 29.97fps 1500kbps

    File size: 503.0 MB

    Download Princess Donna Ashley Jane and Ally Ann - BDSM

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    Spanked Asian Asses!!!

    Spanked Asian Asses!!!

    Size: 49.94 Mb
    Bideo: 512x384
    Quality: DVD Rip

    File size: 49.9 MB

    Download Spanked Asian Asses!!!

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    inflagranti Fetish House 6 Die Latex-Engel Scene 1

    inflagranti Fetish House 6 Die Latex-Engel Scene 1

    inflagranti Fetish House 6 Die Latex-Engel Scene 1

    Year: 2003
    Genre: Fetish, BDSM, Latex, Rubber
    Studio: Inflagranti
    Featured: Sharon Da Vale, Nora Holley, plus 2 other girls

    Video: 640x480 (1.33:1) 25 fps DivX Codec 5.x or 6.x 2415 kbps avg 0.31 bit/pixel
    Audio 1: 48 kHz MPEG Layer 3 2 ch 128.00 kbps avg

    File size: 283.5 MB

    Download inflagranti Fetish House 6 Die Latex-Engel Scene 1

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    Gepeinigt CD1

    Gepeinigt CD1

    Gepeinigt CD1
    Year: 2010
    Country: Germany
    Genre: BDSM, Fetish, Rubber/Leather, Anal, Hardcore, Pissing/Squirting, Deep throating

    Studuo: EVS

    Hubsche Sklavinnen, die sich 100 Prozent der starken und mannlichen Dominanz hingeben, gedemutigt und gezuchtigt werden wollen. Junge Girls, die zu Sexsklavinnen erzogen werden. Geile, knackige Arsche, die nach Schlagen rufen und gefickt werden mussen. Gierige Schlampen, die es nicht anders verdienen, wie der letzte Dreck behandelt zu werden – Fesselspiele, Natursekt, Anal, Auspeitschung, Deep Throat u.v.m.

    Video: DVDRip, 576x432 (1.33:1), 25 fps, XviD build 50 ~1137 kbps avg, 0.18 bit/pixel
    Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.42 kbps avg

    File size: 699.0 MB

    Download Gepeinigt CD1

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    IntoTheAttic - Posted: Jenuary 2009 - Luna

    IntoTheAttic - Posted: Jenuary 2009 - Luna

    15 Jenuary 2009

    24 year old Luna is Into The Attic on her first visit. Tall, large breasts that needed punishing and a little nervous. Let's get started.
    Luna first finds herself presented with a four foot high by 2' x 2' clear cage to climb into. The cage is so clear initially, you can't even see the sides. She's asked to climb in fully clothed; scarf, coat, long pants, boots. She's told to change clothes in spite of the electrical pads sitting on the bottom of the cage. Once inside, the cage is suspended and swung as we watch her change into a latex shirt and clear stiletto heels. Her tits are so big she can't get the latex shirt to even look like it wants to fit properly. A couple of times we see she shocks herself, becoming surprised. She gets interviewed. It doesn't take long before the cage begins to fog up. Once naked, she's asked to put her big tits up against the glass and squish them for us. To put her box up there too. By the time she gets the too small heels on she's got the cage all fogged up so she grabs the squeegee hanging on the wall and starts to clear the glass for us.

    Download Full Length Movie
    Video resolution is 720x480 (16:9) at 2000 Kb/s
    Length: 62 minutes
    Size: 942mb

    File size: 927.0 MB

    Download IntoTheAttic - Posted: Jenuary 2009 - Luna

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    Jade Indica, Armory Whore

    Jade Indica, Armory Whore

    In the basement of the warehouse a good play with Jade under the supervision of the crowd rustics

    Genre: BDSM, Public Disgrace, Bondage
    Size: 328 MB
    Videos: 1280x720
    Duration: 36 min

    File size: 328.2 MB

    Download Jade Indica, Armory Whore

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