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Thread: BDSM Extra Porn Movies Collection For True Connoisseurs

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    Tamed!Indescribable pain!

    Tamed!Indescribable pain!

    Year :2005-2010
    Genre:Extreme Bondage, Torture, Humiliation, Domination, BDSM, Enema, Gag, Plug, Spanking
    Length: 86 min

    Starring: A lot of sexy girls
    Description: Oh, how beautiful this world - look! Legend! I am not afraid of the word "founder" of modern trends! Each clip - a work of art. You look like the first time.The most extreme American pornographic production featuring female submissives.Interesting cruel bondage, which should have every fan of the genre! Do not miss out.cyd scores big with Tamed, creating a “hard-hitting,” awe-inspiring Insex Butting heads with enfant terrible 822, cyd attempts to whip her into shape, braising 822’s tight body. But 822’s smart mouth won’t let up. She catches cyd off guard early on, but not for long. He becomes wise to her tricks and soon she’s locked into the bifurcation wall and treated to a heady mix of needles, electricity, and a cane. She begs. She falls to pieces.

    Quality: CamRip
    Format: RealMedia (RM)
    Video: RealVideo 3 320x240 (4:3) 15.000 fps 181 Kbps / RealVideo 4 424x240 (16:9) 15.000 fps 386 Kbps
    Audio: Cooker 44.1 KHz 2 channels 44.1 Kbps / Cooker 44.1 KHz 1 channel 64.1 Kbps
    Video Codec: RV40 After you install the codec you want to enable (disable all others)
    Size : 219.2 Mb

    File size: 219.2 MB

    Download Tamed!Indescribable pain!

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    Desperate people!

    Desperate people!

    The best collection of Bdsm!
    Production year: 2010-2011
    Genre:Extrime BDSM, Device Bondage, Domination, Canning, Torture, Spanking, Hummulation Big tits, Bbw, Fisting!
    Length: 32 min (High-quality BDSM with large, big-breasted young ladies!)
    Studio: SlaveM
    Description: Desperate people! Rarely has a quality BDSM with large, big-breasted ladies in high quality. You have such an opportunity. Huge tits, moaning, pain, and bandaging, different devices, all hell is there in this video! Excellent video BDSM in the best case! For fans of the genre. Must see!

    Video Quality: SiteRip
    Video Format: WMV
    Video: Windows Media 576X576-720x480 (4:3) 15.000 fps 350 Kbps
    Audio: WMA 44.1 KHz 2 channels 96.5 Kbps
    Size: 222.3 Mb
    Click on the screen they will open:

    File size: 222.4 MB

    Download Desperate people!

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    AlexD - Wechselspiele

    AlexD - Wechselspiele

    Title: Wechselspiele / Interactions
    Year: 2003
    Length: 1:34:43
    Directed by: Alex D
    Studio: EVS

    Starring: Herrin Silvia, Anja, Diverse, Claudia

    Description: This film shows a remarkable diversity and interaction in mock strange extra-porn. Authentic and versatile performers staged in two different scenes make this film especially recommended for viewing.

    Quality: DVDRip
    Format: AVI
    Video: DivX 5 720x576 25.00fps 903Kbps
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 116Kbps

    File size: 700.2 MB

    Download AlexD - Wechselspiele

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    Chinabondage - 7 July 2011

    Chinabondage - 7 July 2011

    Posted – 14 July 2011

    Video + full photoset

    Traditional Chinese Five Flowers and Buddist Palm Bondage Tie, two legs apart upside down suspension with ropes on ankles only, Bamboo bondage, hogtied suspension, whole body side hanging, all are almost extreme rope bondage and heavy leg chains for your viewing pleasure.

    Size: 152 Mb

    Duration: 00:22:02

    Resolution: 352 x 240

    Studio: Chinabondage


    File size: 152.3 MB

    Download Chinabondage - 7 July 2011

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    The Position

    The Position

    Year: 2001
    Country: USA
    Genre: BDSM
    Length: 1:13:08
    Directed by: Oak O'Kork
    Studio: Harmony Concepts
    Cast: Eve Ellis, Sadie Belle, Tanya Danielle, Amber Michaels, Alicia Silver, Cassandra Knight
    Description: The ultimate hogtie tape! Oak presents his-and according to our surveys, most Harmonizer's-favorite position, featuring nine of your favorite Harmony models. They find themselves in hogtie after hogtie (and gag after gag), including-EVE ELLIS and SADIE BELLE are hogtied with their elbows together. TANYA DANIELLE escapes a hogtie and hops to a phone to get help. ANGELIQUE LEI is hogtied in her lingerie on a bed, and MISTY GRAYSON is tightly elbow-hogtied. HOLLYWOOD is hogtied on the floor in stockings and heels; SADIE BELLE is also hogtied in high heels. AMBER MICHAELS is hogtied on floor-and makes every conceivable effort to escape. ALICIA SILVER finds herself tightly hogtied and ball-gagged, and CASSANDRA KNIGHT rolls around on a bed in 'the position.'
    Video Quality: VHSRip
    Video Format: AVI
    Video: DivX 5 640x480 25.03fps 1632 Kbps [00) Video]
    Audio: MPEG Audio 48000Hz stereo 224kbps [01) Audio]

    File size: 975.7 MB

    Download The Position

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    Hard Tied - Kali Kane - September 24, 2008

    Hard Tied - Kali Kane - September 24, 2008

    In a steamy shoot, kali goes the distance with PD as she's bound in harsh positions and kicked,
    shocked, smothered, choked, and fucked in 3 holes.
    Bent in half with her thighs lashed to her thumbs, Mr. Pogo fucks her foamy.
    She's vibrated, fucked and whipped, shooting Mr. Pogo out her cunt.
    In a torturous hogtie, she's whacked with a fly swatter and vibrated again. kali begs to come, but PD denies her.
    So when she finally comes, kali roars like a bitch in heat.
    Now her asshole sucks Mr. Pogo deeper and deeper inside. PD vibrates her sated pussy.
    She comes suddenly, trembling, her asshole opening and closing with each breath.

    Format: rm
    Video: RealVideo 4 852x488 15.00fps 682Kbps
    Audio: RealAudio COOK 44100Hz mono
    Length: 00:37:24

    File size: 202.0 MB

    Download Hard Tied - Kali Kane - September 24, 2008

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    In a Good Way Part One - Nicki Blue, PD (2011)

    In a Good Way Part One - Nicki Blue, PD (2011)

    Produced in: 2011
    Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Humilation, Torture
    Duration: 00:28:52
    Studio: HardTied

    PD and SD are on a bit of a road trip and they have brought along Nicki Blue as entertainment. Run some wires to her and she suddenly becomes a very effective substitute for a car radio. When PD decides he wants a little more out of her than just a bit of music they find some space for him to play his games. His travel kit came with vibrators, ropes, canes and dildos. That is all he needs to make the most of their time together.

    Video quality: SiteRip
    Video format: WMV
    Video codec: Windows Media
    Audio codec: WMA
    Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1280 x 720, 1900 kbps, 23.976 fps
    Audio: WMA v2, 44100Hz 128 kb/s tot (2 chnls)

    File size: 425.8 MB

    Download In a Good Way Part One - Nicki Blue, PD (2011)

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    BondageDesigns - Medical Bound Enema Training 4 DVD

    BondageDesigns - Medical Bound Enema Training 4 DVD

    Release Year: 2011

    Studio: BondageDesigns

    The bondage clinic is a facility where unruly defiant girls are sent to break their spirit and reprogram their personalities to mold them into successful obedient ladies. Doctor Gina has set out on a journey, capturing two feisty wayward women and must work on their treatment in route to the Bondage Clinic. The pair are given enemas, butt plug, and vibrating vaginal dildo plugs, in the hopes of breaking their spirits and teaching them how to be humble and cooperative.
    They are constantly bound and gagged during their journey. This video contains heels, stockings, enemas, tight gags, bare feet, straight jackets, ace bandages, all in the great outdoors.

    Format: Windows Media

    Duration: 1:07:01

    Video: 480x360, Windows Media Video 9, 1220kbps

    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 611.4 MB

    Download BondageDesigns - Medical Bound Enema Training 4 DVD

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    Do I hurt bitch!

    Do I hurt bitch!

    Year: 2010
    Genre: BDSM, Fetish, Bondage, Lesbian Domination, Forced Orgasm, Strap-On, FaceSitting, FuckinMachine, Spanking, Elecro, Plug, Enema, Ass Worship
    Country: USA
    Duration: 38 min
    Actresses: Cool baby
    Description: Do I hurt bitch!Young girl loves BDSM, she loves the pain and humiliation, she loves it when forced to get an orgasm, she just loved it!

    Video Quality:CamRip
    Video: WMV3 640x480 (4:3) 29.970 fps 1 000 Kbps
    Audio: WMA2 44.1 KHz 2 channels 48.2 Kbps

    File size: 273.3 MB

    Download Do I hurt bitch!

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    Cumbots may 23, 2011 - kaylee hilton

    Cumbots may 23, 2011 - kaylee hilton

    Wow, this girl is amazing. She seems so innocent, but we obviously know she's not. But still, there's an air about here with her little body and braces that just screams for our attention, and we're gonna give it to her…Kaylee has some really nice legs, long and thin and it's mind boggling to watch her spread them in the chair, and even more mesmerizing when she rubs one out for us…It gets even better when we hoist this little babe up on the table. We bend her over and Kaylee takes the full brunt of the Cumbot deep inside her lovely cunt. We get an up close view and Kaylee gives us all she's got. Maybe it's just me but I could watch her forever...

    File Size: 287 MB
    Resolution: 790 x 444
    Length: 00:15:33
    Format: WMV
    Pics: included

    File size: 287.1 MB

    Download Cumbots may 23, 2011 - kaylee hilton

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