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Thread: Sexual dominance. Mood blood. Ruined orgasms

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    Aug 15, 2014 - Sgt. Major and Amy Faye

    Self proclaimed anal slut gets her first taste of extreme bondage at the hands of Sgt. Major. she is belted on the floor and Sarge enters to show this little slut who's boss. After rubbing his cock on her helpless little pussy, she is hoisted into an inverted ankle suspension, where he torments this slut.

    All of her weight is resting on her cunt and her head and wrists are locked down with massive stocks. Again, this slut is tormented until she can take no more, and then her willing cunt is made to cum at his will.

    Now she finds herself face down and spread eagle on the floor. There is more torment before an ass hook is shoved in her tight ass. Then her cunt is filled with a dildo and fucked into oblivion.

    Time: 00:39:05
    Size: 428 Mb
    Video: 960x540, mp4


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    Bound and Beaten | Maia Davis | Elise Graves

    Bondage makes Maia so horny she is soaking right through her panties. She would be begging to cum if she could get any words out through her gag.

    That is just from the rope. The nipple clamps, whip and vibrators make it that much harder to hold her orgasms in.

    Elise is an expert in drawing her to the very edge of release and holding her there before pushing her into ecstasy.

    Time: 00:55:15
    Size: 1180 mb
    Video: 1280x720, mp4


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