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Thread: All Time Favorite BDSM Movies

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    IntoTheAttic - Posted: 7.16.2008 - Zayda J.

    IntoTheAttic - Posted: 7.16.2008 - Zayda J.

    21 year old Zayda J is in for her first ever bondage shoot. We sit down and get to know her in the interview. But it is difficult to pay attention to what Zayda J is telling me with all the distraction taking place in the background. But we do learn Zayda just started having sex at 20. She's only sucked three cocks her whole life and she's only had sex with one guy ever. Whew. Let's get started!
    Zayda starts her visit at The Attic bound and seated, uncomfortably, in a chair inside of an old, dirty pump shed. She has a large ball gag inserted and her neck is tied to the back of the chair as she straddles it. There we find her awaiting her first set of activities. After several minutes of quality time in the shed the door opens and she is immediately attacked with the Hitachi. She starts to buck around, seemingly forgetful of her neck being secured to the chair

    10 Video Clips - (67 minutes, 720x480 @ 773 Kb/s)

    Total size: 42.4 MB in 1 files.

    Download IntoTheAttic - Posted: 7.16.2008 - Zayda J.

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    House Of Taboo

    House Of Taboo

    Size: 123.58 Mb
    Bideo: 512x384
    Quality: DVD Rip

    File size: 123.6 MB

    Download House Of Taboo

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    Japanese torture contest

    Japanese torture contest

    Size: 247 mb
    Bideo: 512x384
    Quality: DVD Rip

    File size: 247.8 MB

    Download Japanese torture contest

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    Violense Classic Series 10

    Violense Classic Series 10

    Production year: 1970
    Genre: BDSM, Torture, Toys
    Duration: 00:14:50

    Description: A guy in a mask, threatening with a pistol, binds the girl. Starts torture, using a variety of devices.

    Video Quality: VHSRip
    Video Format: WMV
    Video codec: Windows Media
    Audio Codec: WMA
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 768x576 25.00fps 2077Kbps
    Audio: Windows Media Audio 48000Hz stereo 192Kbps

    File size: 243.5 MB

    Download Violense Classic Series 10

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    Insex - 6 X 6

    Insex - 6 X 6

    Video + full photoset

    Release: 2004

    33 tortured up close and personal as she goes one on one with PD and a 6 X 6 post. She’s close enough to lick, every inch of her skin, her pussy, those magnificent curves of her body. 33 is succulent, her breasts ripe like she’s fresh out of a French painting. You get to each moment of her anguish, tears, drool, screams, and welts. But it’s the nipple clamps she hates.

    33 starts in handcuffs. Thumbcuffs on her toes keep her legs secured around the post so that she can’t wander far. She eats and drinks this way, and . . .well, what do you think the newspaper is for? It’s in this state that she learns the basics – how to lick a boot, how to rub a cock. He stuffs her face between his legs and tells her to make it “nice and big.”

    Bound with elbows tight together behind her back, her body, alluring, arrests the eye. She’s fixed to the post, naked, like one of the saints soon to be martyred. But when her long hair is tied back to one ankle, her pose is of her head drawn grievously back, one ankle kicked up. The arch of her body is brilliant, one of Renoir’s dancers caught mid-step. It’s in this position that he can slowly examine both her pussy and her pain.

    Rope, nipple clamps, and the post. These are the worst of torments when applied correctly. And 33 is heroic, facing it head-on, nipples distended by clamps, her body tied in positions that maximize her misery. She rubs his cock. He gropes her, the tips of his fingers wet from the sweet slime of her pussy. In the final position, she’s tied to the post while lying flat on a table, her nipples clamped and stretched outward to the table legs. Her hair is bound back to her wrists. Ramping up her torment, he canes her, but then his fingers are in her cunt again. He the clamps and savagely rubs each nipple. She screams. The table is taken away and she’s suspended straight out from the post. As he rubs her toward orgasm, 33’s body writhes in mid-air. Reminiscent of another painting, perhaps Bosch, and she’s one of the angels, contorted, lost in the appalling throes of hellish ecstasy.

    Genre: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism, Torture, Fetish, Spanking, Rubber

    Format: avi

    Duration: 00:57:33

    Resolution: 320x240

    Size: 487 Mb

    File size: 487.4 MB

    Download Insex - 6 X 6

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    FuckingDungeon - Tricia Oaks

    FuckingDungeon - Tricia Oaks

    We have added WMV files again! Due to some members concern we have decided to go back and offer WMV files for those who want them. This now gives you 3 formats to choose from: flash theater for seamless streaming without having to download- standard definition video in zipped WMV file and Hi-Def video in a zipped MP4 format for those who wish to download the video files. Hopefully this will provide everyone wth a viable option that they can be happy with.... Working for a toy shop can have its advantages...and distractions as Tricia discovers. While packing an order she becomes fascinated with a couple of items and begins to daydream. Her little fantasy is interrupted abruptly when she is caught red-handed by her supervisor however, and it becomes clear that the big boss is not going to be pleased at all. As punishment, Tricia is restrained and left for the big man's discretion. The boss has a whole new twisted definition of "discipline" as Tricia will soon discover...

    Quality: HDTVRip
    Video: 1280x720
    Audio: PCM 22050Hz stereo 64Kbps
    File Size: 583mb

    File size: 583.3 MB

    Download FuckingDungeon - Tricia Oaks

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    Haley Cummings - This bitch is bangin' (2010)

    Haley Cummings - This bitch is bangin' (2010)

    Produced in: 2010
    Genre: BDSM, Domination, Hardcore, Metal Device
    Duration: 00:56:45

    When a hot chick steps into this room there is only one thing to do. Fuck her up. Haley's big titties are just asking for attention and not in the manner she has been spoiled with. Big titties equals harsh attention.
    She is first fastened to the wall by neck wrists and ankles, creating a stressful position. Then I take away her vision. I introduce her to the flip nine and attack those large areolas. I give her a taste of the cattle prod then watch her cum as she shakes a couple pounds of weights clamped to her nipples. She grinds her pussy onto the vibe, cumming until her legs tremble. Next I strap her onto a rotating grid, legs spread and pussy exposed. Her smooth sexy body would look much better covered in wax. From the inner thigh to her under arm to her pussy, I slowly abuse her soft skin with every drip. Drip, drip, splash. Now she's ready to cum the way I want her to. Lastly, Haley is locked in strapado onto a sybian. Those giant tits are squeezed by bar clamps. A tight ball gag and wide collar assure that this pretty thing understands the privilege of easy breathing. Hard to do when you're riding the world's most powerful vibrator. Good luck.

    Video quality: SiteRip
    Video Format: WMV
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 1280x720 29.97fps 1500Kbps
    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps

    File size: 680.2 MB

    Download Haley Cummings - This bitch is bangin' (2010)

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    IntoTheAttic - Posted: 9.18.2008 - Goldie

    IntoTheAttic - Posted: 9.18.2008 - Goldie

    20 year old Goldie is back at The Attic on her fourth visit in. The day she arrived it was raining cats and dogs. She got out of the car and had her hair all fixed up nice. It would be quite the contrast for what we had in store for her. You know, like a head cage, gardening, etc. Let's get started.

    First off Goldie is asked to plant us a little garden in the back yard. In doing so she is affixed with a 25 lb. cage on her head. Because, you know, we wouldn't want her head getting away from her. Then we chained her ankles and wrists together and provided her with some meager tools to get the job done. The first thing out of her mouth was "Okay, I don't know what these are use these for?" Oh yeah, Zed taped a large garbage sack on her body and cut holes out for her tits and made her wear it. We watch as Goldie begins clearing an area for the new plantings. Before long Zed begins to flog her ass and encouraging her to hurry up. Now mind you, she has this head cage on.

    6 Video Clips - (79 minutes, 720x480 @ 773 Kb/s)

    Total size: 133.0 MB in 2 files.

    Download IntoTheAttic - Posted: 9.18.2008 - Goldie

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    Sperrgebiet Nr. 44 - Kaviargrusse aus Moskau

    Sperrgebiet Nr. 44 - Kaviargrusse aus Moskau

    Country: Germany
    Genre: Scat, Peeing, Lesbians
    Duration: 01:17:22
    Size: 698.51 Mb
    Studio: SG-Video
    Cast: Tima & Others
    Description: Die geilen Schlampen stehen total auf Kaviar. Die fressen alles was aus den kleinen
    Lochern kommt und nebenbei malen sie sich gegenseitig die schonen Korper mit Scheissen an.

    Video Quality: DVDRip
    Video Format: AVI
    Video codec: XviD
    Audio codec: MP3
    Videos: Xvid, 576x432, 25.00fps, 1130 Kbps
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3, 48000Hz, stereo, 119Kbps

    File size: 698.5 MB

    Download Sperrgebiet Nr. 44 - Kaviargrusse aus Moskau

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    Bound and Slapped - Play In Hard Game

    Bound and Slapped - Play In Hard Game

    Kiska tied his girlfriend and walked around a juicy tender bullock whip
    Duration: 10:22
    Format: AVI
    Video codec: XVID
    Audio codec: MPEG3
    Video: XVID 512 x 288, 874Kbps
    Audio: MPEG3 128Kbps
    Size: 76.1 MB

    File size: 76.1 MB

    Download Bound and Slapped - Play In Hard Game

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