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Thread: Incontinence and diaper lover

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    Incontinence and diaper lover


    I am a guy from Gothenburg, Sweden, I am 44 years old and a new member to this site but I have some fetishes that is not listed on this site, one of them is one of my biggest fetish, the use of diapers and to play desperate pee games with them. Let me tell you how this fetish started.

    Eleven years ago my doctor gave me the diagnose Cerrebellar Ataxia which is a very unknown and rare neurologic disability. Ataxia is greek and means lack of order. it is a neurological sign consisting of lack of voluntary coordination of muscle movements, as for example when walking. Ataxia is a term that means incoordination, unsteadiness or wobbliness. Cerebellar ataxia is caused by problems with the cerebellum that is the area of your brain responsible for coordination and balance.

    This disability also gives me neurologic incontinence also called dysfunctional stressincontinence, which is slightly different from regular incontinence. It's like the phrase implies neurological and very common with congenital nerve disorders. It is an incurable lifelong which for some people can be very difficult and embarrassing to live with. Neurologic incontinence occurs suddenly, very quickly and without warning anywhere and anytime and appears very rapidly in ALL SITUATIONS anytime and anywhere. I am also thinking of create some vids of when I play wetting games with my diapers.

    This is how my diaper and pee fetish started. Therefore I wonder if I can write about this fetish in this forum, if anyone is interested about this fetish and wanna know more about it just ask me but please dont ask me if I poop in my diapers or if I am an AB because I donīt like that kind of questions and I will answer "NO" to them both?
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