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Thread: Extremal video collection Extreme sex not for the weak

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    Extremal video (158)

    Midget Mania

    Category: All Sex, Midgets
    Starring: Sierra, Gwen Summers,Napoleon,Chuy,SinDee Williams,Zazie,Trinity Maxx,Twidget,Nikko Soprano,Tiny Tim

    Ladies and gentlemen step right up to the tent for the most amazing sports on earth - it's Midget Mania. Gaze in wild eyed wonder as Tiny Twidget teh Midget takes on Zazie and her 350 pounds of fat, Tremble as a midget referee is crusged under the weight of two 350 lb. fat ladies. Cheer as Mexican Midget wrestlers challenge each other to a grudge match and the amazing Tiny Tim shows the gorgeous female ref. just what an illegal object is all about. It's a virtual smorgasboard of midget feats. See Niko Soprano who weighs only 25 lbs. play a gargoyle who fucks the 6 ft. 6 Trinity. Watch in intense fascinination as gigantic titted ebony queen Sierra arrives at midget beach and gets the boning of her life from a couple of pygmy lifeguards. It's all the midget action anybody could want. It's wild, it's crazy, it's Midget Mania!!!

    File size: 640.0 MB
    Download Midget Mania

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    Extremal video (159)

    American Gokkun 9

    Title : American Gokkun 09 (c) JM Productions
    Release date : May 03, 2009
    Store Release : May 04, 2009

    resolution: 624x352
    audio bitrate: 132 kbps
    audio format: AC-3
    video format:avi
    Genre: Bukkake, Gokkun, Cumshots, Blowjobs

    Load after load must be swallowed! Check out how much these dirty sluts love cum! Cum shot after cum shot gets chugged and lucky them, it's one hundred and thirty seven squirts of creamy homeless cum!

    File size: 697.1 MB
    Download American Gokkun 9

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    Extremal video (16)

    The snow woman from Russia

    Release Year: 2012
    Video language: English

    This baby lives alone in the Russian village. In the morning she likes to walk bare in
    the wood and to bathe in an ice-hole. Real white she-bear.

    Format: MPEG
    Duration: 16:38
    Video: 352x288, MPEG-1, 1103kbps
    Audio: 218kbps

    File size: 166.2 MB
    Download The snow woman from Russia

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    Extremal video (160)

    Schlampen Fick Ich Lieber

    Studio: Steroid Supercore
    Director: Otto Bauer
    Stars: Kristina, Lara, Tamara, Lenka, Patric, Tom Cruiso, Ayla Mia, Breyne Dries

    Description: There is no way around it, this movie will have your jaw dropping, your head tilting, and saying, "what the fuck?!?!" It is jam fucked packed with rough fucks, face fucks, ass fucks, and mop handle fucks... wait... what? That's right! Check it out and see what will have you telling your friends to cum and see.

    File size: 1.3 GB
    Download Schlampen Fick Ich Lieber

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    Extremal video (161)

    Carmen Rivera: Bizarre by Nature 2

    Studio: Carmen Rivera Entertainment!
    Starring: Conny Dachs,Ana Nova,Carmen Rivera,Chantal DuMont, Sklave Mike,Santa Silvio!
    Genre: FemDom, Bizarr Sex, Fisting, BDSM, StrapOn!

    Extrem und abartig! So möchten, bzw. müssen wir sogar, den zweiten Teil, insbesondere Szene drei, von Carmen Rivera's "Bizarre By Nature" bezeichnen. Im Vorspann finden wir nicht ohne Grund folgende Textzeilen: "Nachdrücklich ist davon abzuraten, die im Film dargestellten Handlungen nachzuspielen. Ohne entsprechende Erfahrung und Einfühlungsvermögen sind Gefahren für die körperliche und psychische Gesundheit nicht auszuschließen." Ähnliche Zeilen kennen wir von MTV's "Jackass" oder "Scarred". Und wer diese Serien kennt, der weiß, dass hier um knallharte Reality geht und die Betroffenen nichts zu lachen haben. Die, für das SM-Genre ungewöhnlich hohe, Erotikwertung steht wie beim ersten Teil für Carmen's derbe Verbal-Erotik. Aber wir möchten an dieser Stelle nicht zu viel verraten, nur so viel sei gesagt: Wer glaubt, Doppelanal mit zwei Penissen sei schmerzhaft, der sollte sich erstmal diese Porno DVD ansehen, wie Carmen Rivera und Ana Nova den armen Weihnachtsmann fisten und ihm ihre beiden Fäuste bis zum Unterarm in den After rammen!

    Video: XviD 512x384!
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3, 126 Kbps!
    Duration: 01:29:36!

    File size: 698.8 MB
    Download Carmen Rivera: Bizarre by Nature 2

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    Extremal video (162)

    Fotzenpumpe Extrem 1

    Studio: Puaka Video

    Description: Macabre and lurid are the words that define Fotzenpumpe Extrem 1. Blonde Sandra introduces herself and her pumping abilities. She puts a small cylinder over her nipple, pumps and the pert end distends as the air is sucked out and, with the pressure, she lactates. A larger conduit is placed over most of her right tit and as she expels the air, her boob is sucked up, elongating it. Weird! She then progresses to her clit and puts a small suction over the head and her man in the boat nearly fills the tube as it is sucked onto the tube. Moving on to bigger and better, Sandra places a large pipe over the whole of her cunt and as the air is excelled, see the whole pussy protrude horribly. Next on the agenda is her arse hole! The inside of her chute is sucked outwards and unfurls like a rose as the layers are slowly opened up and her arse bulges and inflates in the most unnatural way. Once the tube is eased off her prolapsed arse very slowly starts to retreat back into itself and she clenches and it disappears from whence it came. After her bizarre performance she rounds things off nicely with a thick black cock - sucking it dry and using it to push all her inflated insides back to their rightful place. Fotzen Pumpe Extrem is an hour of unforgettable viewing.

    File size: 508.8 MB
    Download Fotzenpumpe Extrem 1

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    Extremal video (163)

    Carmen Rivera in Fetish Mood

    Genre: Fetish, Bondage, Femdom, Euro
    Studio: Bizarre Experience

    Mistress Carmen is in fetish mood. She shows her slaves the meaning of obedience.
    Bizarre Experience - Carmen Rivera - In Fetish Mood
    In this issue Carmen Rivera will not only have her feet pampered. She enjoys a good time with her rubber slave girl and also her obedient slave receives some rewards. Here is SM, fetish and bizarre sex combined: Carmen Rivera in fetish mood. No regional coding.

    Quality: DVDRip
    Format: AVI
    Video: Xvid 640x480 25.00fps 768Kbps
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 122Kbps
    Length: 01:28:54

    File size: 574.2 MB
    Download Carmen Rivera in Fetish Mood

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    Extremal video (164)

    St. Latex Hospital

    Studio: Inflagranti Film Berlin
    Series: Projekt
    Categories: Fetish,Femdom,Leather,International,Rubber/Latex
    Starring: Miss Joyce

    St Latex Hospital is not an institution for the faint hearted. It's dark and erotic and specialises in transforming humble young wenches into latex wearing sirens! Two trim young babes cavort in a huge polythene sack as St Latex Hospital opens its doors. Miss Joyce enters with her slave and upon the two girls from the confines of this womb resembling pouch, she strokes their naked bodies and doles out her own brand of seductive pussy play. Miss Joyce wants to transform these girls into erotic desires and the process unfolds as they are dressed, head to toe, in black rubber - complete with 6" heels. Once dressed, a plastic tube is inserted deep into one pussy whilst her pal, now dressed as a bizarre nun, inhales her scent through the tube. Later, the nun is lying prone on an examination table - shaved pussy on show. Miss Joyce slowly fingers and lubes the pussy, deliberately parting her labia and flicking her clit before reaching for and inserting a speculum. In a way, she turns the screw, thus enabling the pussy to be stretched open. The pink wetness is probed before the invading metal is removed. Miss Joyce once again fingers the throbbing hole and slowly but surely, eases her latex clad hand into the wet hole, wrist deep for an unreserved internal. St Latex Hospital is a highly erotic and disturbing establishment!

    Running Time: 87 minutes

    File size: 680.3 MB
    Download St. Latex Hospital

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    Extremal video (165)

    2 Squirting Midgets And A Guy

    Studio: Totally Tasteless Video
    Stars: Stella Marie,Trishelle,Rick Masters,Christian XXX,Jack Vegas
    Categories: Midget Squirting All Sex Threeway
    Released: 07/2008
    Running Time: 81 minutes

    Description: Look Out! You're Going To Get Wet! It's a little 3-way! Two horny midgets have some real hardcore fun with a full-sized penis! Both ladies have a great time and they squirt like fire hoses to prove it!

    File size: 699.7 MB
    Download 2 Squirting Midgets And A Guy

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    Extremal video (166)

    Slave 01

    Genre: BDSM, Fetish
    Studio: JM Productions
    Director: Mick Ramone
    Starring: Moxxie, Eric
    Release Date.... 11/26/2008

    What you are about to see is real. Only those with extremely open minds should watch this movie! This slave, wanting to please her master and continue to serve his every perverse desire degrades her filthy cunt with a big black dildo while he rams her ass with a butt plug.

    Her master knows exactly what a nasty bitch she is and he loves every minute of it! Especially when he has her run her warm, pink tongue across his asshole!

    Quality: DVDRip
    Format: avi
    Length: 01:24:58

    File size: 693.4 MB
    Download Slave 01

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