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Thread: Hypnosis&Mind Control Collection(Daily update)

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    Hypno Nymphos 2

    File Size :258mb
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    Duration :01:11:41

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    Nicky Phillips

    A FANTASTIC shoot with one of the hottest ladies I've ever worked with and this session's full to the brim of great moments where I physically or mentally mess with the lovely lady.

    Nicky was an absolute pleasure to play with. She was super chatty, very down to earth and had a really fun and bubbly personality, so it was quite the thrill to see her taking on different mental states and behaviours as a result of being hypnotized.

    As a nudist she was super casual and comfortable. until I make her shy that is and she's squealing with embarrassment and trying to cover up.

    When I have her forget what her breasts are, she's completely mystified by these strange new *things* that I've somehow attached to her chest.

    Me: D'you like them?
    Nicky: I don't know. how did you get them on!?
    Me: They came with a special fitting.
    Nicky: Have you got some?

    When I have her brain shrinking, she goes from being eloquent and intelligent to being an airheaded simpleton. all smiling and agreeable and vacant.

    When I have her thinking she's a stereotypical guy she's sexist and arrogant and sits with her legs wide. (Her reaction when I returned her to normal after that was pretty damn hilarious.

    Then there were times where I was switching her intelligence and attitudes around, having her haughty and stand-offish one minute, and then eager to be trained and controlled the next.

    All in all an awesome shoot! Hope you all enjoy it.

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    Duration :02:19:18

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    Hypno Nymphos 3

    File Size :259mb
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    Duration :01:14:56

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    Oops I Brainwashed Myself!

    Clip Includes: POV, Magic Control, Woman Following Orders, Female Training, Brainwashing, Reprogramming, Tit Play, Sexy Dancing, Ass Shaking, Erotic Magic, Erotic Dancing, Real Doll, Transformation, Nerdy Girl, Bitch to Bimbo, Ludella Hahn, Contains NUDITY

    Ludella plays a nerdy feminist who has been paired with a sleazeball for a group assignment at school. She shows up at his house, already hating that she has to work with him, but gets extra peeved when he just keeps making sexist remarks about her BIG TITS under her sweater. She decides that she needs to teach him to get in touch with his more feminine side and decides she'll try to h.ypn0tize him with her necklace. She tells him it's for another assignment and asks if she can try it on him, but he thinks it's stupid and says no. She tries to bargain with him offering to do the whole assignment herself and give him credit. He says he wants to see her tits, too. She begrudgingly agrees.

    Unfortunately she has no experience and ends up putting herself into a trance instead. She stands with her eyes wide and blank and arms out in front of her. He waves in front of her face and she doesn't blink. Then he asks what's going on, and she truthfully tells him what she was trying to do. He gets pissed and decides to take advantage of the situation with her in the trance. He tells her that when she wakes her body will obey all his commands.

    Then he snaps his fingers. She has no idea what happened. He tells her to play with her tits. "Why would I ever...GASP! What's happening? Why are my hands doing this? Make it stop!" She can't control her hands as they play with her big tits in her sweater. Then he has her show off her butt and spank herself for him. She keeps obeying all of his commands even though she tries not to. "I've never heard of it backfiring! This is so humiliating..." He has her pull up her sweater and play with her tits, then take off her glasses and strip down to her panties. She does a striptease against her wishes. He has her crawl around for his amusement. And finally reminds her of the other part of the deal...doing the assignment herslef. "That was if you were entranced! This wasn't supposed to happen this way!" He makes her do the whole assignment while wiggling her butt back and forth in the doggystyle position. After watching for a while, he leaves to play videogames. She's pissed, but can't disobey. He orders her to crawl into his room and put on a maid outfit he prepared.

    The scene reopens with her entering the room in a sexy maid's outfit with corset, stockings, and NO PANTIES. She is bringing him a sandwich...and is being snooty about it because she's pissed. He makes her shake her ass and do a sexy dance for him. She can't make it stop. She keeps shaking her butt. Then he has her clean the room with plenty of bending over and shaking her butt. "This isn't the real world! Maids don't clean this way..." She's pissed that she was trying to make him less of a pervert and because of it backfiring, she's just enabled him to be worse. He has her crawl around she he can be plenty of angles of her curvy body, and even though he's ordered her to gag herself with her feather duster, she continues to complain about how degrading this all is.

    He gets sick of her yapping and puts her back into a trance. As soon as he snaps his fingers her expression changes from angry to blank and wide-eyed with arms out in front. He has the new entranced Ludella walk around for him in the zombie style and refer to him as Master. "Yes, Master. I hear and I obey." He has her continue to clean in the way that he likes, with plenty of ass shaking. He then has her crawl around for a while and then crawl to him so he can try his hand at the brainwashing and reprogram her personality into something more appealing. When he's done, she's been transformed into a complete SEX BIMBO. And she's so horny. The idea of pleasing him gets her so hot. She says she can't believe she's still a virgin because of how horny she is. She poses for some sexy photos for him to send to all his friends, and showing off her body, says she'll do everything to please him. Then she goes to the bedroom to wait for him butt naked.

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    Duration :00:36:40

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    Please, please, please let me cum

    Imagine three hot Latina girls screaming, squirming and begging to be allowed to orgasm. My suggestion that not only is everything possible in deep trance but it also makes them feel and experience everything a lot more intense than when they are awake, drives all three into blissful, uninhibited surrender. In other words, the girls are so excessively horny and the longer I let them wait for the orgasm the more they are willing to let go and experience their first uninhibited lustful surrender. Great obedience training. I don't know whether you are still imagining but it is probably time to watch the clip and see for your self.

    File Size :40.8mb
    Resolution :640x480wmv
    Duration :00:12:02

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    Please teach me something new

    First blank open eyed kneeling masturbation, mantras and obedience training.

    I have the girls stand up, open their eyes, sink even deeper and then slowly strip down to their bras. Put to their knees, the girls now slowly let go of their own and quite unnecessary will and mind. I can feel them, one at a time, slowly drifting into horny oblivion. Ordered to masturbate each other, while staring at the swinging crystal, into mindlessness, all three experience something so intense and exciting, they never knew was possible. As expected, the more dominant Gloria takes a bit longer to let go of her initial resistance but ends up just as blissfully empty as her playmates. To watch the girls becoming increasingly aroused the more their minds seem to drift into the crystal pendant and or my hand in front of their eyes is very powerful. Of course the mantra helps as well.

    File Size :47.8mb
    Resolution :640x480wmv
    Duration :00:08:38

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    Please master command me

    There is only one master

    Back up on their feet my three horny Latina's are now facing me with their big empty eyes wide open. The repetition of there is only one master seems to send them even deeper and makes them more aroused with every repetition. That of course is only the warm up and after some more blank masturbation it is time for the circle walk and more mantras. I decide that my angels need a bit of a rest and put them out one at a time by holding their hands. Out cold all three now go through the always necessary eye checks and some limp body play, just to make sure they are in lala land.

    File Size :31.8mb
    Resolution :640x480wmv
    Duration :00:05:18

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    Do not touch me, please, please touch me

    Our three hotties are made to believe that they are the finalists in an erotic dance competition. Naturally, being competitors and all, they don't really like each other and start trying to out do each other right of the bat. Strangely enough all three seem to be very horny and it seems to get worse every time they here the "click" and or their names. Now if you think that is strange how about the fact that they can not seem to touch their own pussies? It is almost like there is a force field which prevents them from touch their own pussy. I keep having fun with them by slowly but surely making them feel more and more aroused.
    As expected at first they try to deny the whole thing, than start apologizing for being so unprofessional and finally they give up. Wait until you see what happens when they figure out that the only way to find relive, is to allow one of the other girls to touch their pussies. Naturally, Gloria tries to fight it for the longest time but eventually even she has to give in and let Megan do her thing to and with her. The girls had way too much fun with each other and I had to edit this segment a bit for time. Suggested by viewers.

    File Size :85.9mb
    Resolution :640x480wmv
    Duration :00:13:01

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    Three way trance

    Melissa, Christina, & Diana get together for some fun. Melissa is excited because she wants to try out her new skills on her friends. Diana & Christina are skeptical, but willing to indulge their friend. Melissa attempts an induction,.. but as soon as everyone begins to stare at the pendulum,.. Christina & Melissa go under. Diana laughs in amazement but realizes that she now has two mindless slaves to play with. She makes the two zombies strip & walk around the room,.. all the while uttering her new favorite phrase, "Yes, master!" After she's had some fun,.. Diana snaps the two girls out of their trances. Melissa is embarrassed at her failure. Grabbing the pendent she makes another attempt. This time she succeeds. Diana is put under trance as well. Now she has her fun. She makes Diana strip. Melissa commands Diana & Christina to make out. After she's played with the two,.. Melissa snaps the girls out of their trance. This time Christina is angry at her predicament. She grabs the pendent from Melissa, determined to try her hand at ... but alas,.. she fails,.. and all 3 girls are drawn into a mindless state.

    Features: Entrancement, Hipn0, Girl-Girl, Lesbians, Stripping, Mind Control, Woman Following Orders, Panties,Fondling, Big Tits, Zombie Walk, Yes, Master's

    Starring: Diana Knight, Christina Carter, Melissa Jacobs

    Keywords: melissa jacobs, christina carter, diana knight, induction, timestop, legs, big tits, stripping, 3 way, bare legs, thongs, playmates, lesbians, entrancement

    File Size :82.4mb
    Resolution :480x270mp4
    Duration :00:20:20

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    What is wrong with you guys, do not touch me

    Nothing is really wrong with Megan and Gloria except that they seem to be absolutely crazy about Lynn. All they seem to want to do is make her feel good. Given the fact that the girls are still competitors in the above mentioned competition, Lynn's reaction makes perfect sense, now doesn't it. She keeps fighting them off but that seems to weaken her and at some point her futile fight turns into blissful surrender.

    File Size :70.8mb
    Resolution :640x480wmv
    Duration :00:09:59

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