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Thread: Hypnosis&Mind Control Collection(Daily update)

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    Keep2share Hypnosis&Mind Control Collection(Daily update)

    Revenge Brainwashing

    Ludella Hahn is POVs bitchy coworker who acts rudely and arrogantly to him. She makes POV do all her work for her so she can just play on her phone with her legs kicked up on her desk. She treats him like scum. When POV comes up to Ludella, who is texting on her phone at her desk, she doesn't even look up to see him. "Hey loser. Did you finish my work for me?" He says no, which pisses her off. "What do you mean you didn't do it? Go finish it." POV refuses. This really makes Ludella angry. She takes her pantyhose legs off her desk and leans in to show how serious she is now. Ludella threatens to blackmail POV with sexual harassment to get him fired. She's entirely manipulative and he just can't take it anymore. That's when he decides to pull out his phone, with with an entrancing app on it. "What's that? Oh? You want me to look at a silly look app you made? Oh...look at this pretty little swirl I made!" Ludella says mockingly. She continues to taunt him and make fun of him, but he keeps holding the phone in front of her face. "Oh, is this supposed to entrance me? If you think your stupid little swirl was going to control me then you're more stupid than I thought you were." POV remains persistent, and holds phone with entrancing app in front of Ludellas face. Ludella again taunts him, and humors him, saying she will prove how sad and pathetic he is. She finds her eyes keep being drawn to the app, and she slowly begins to become more and more entranced. Eventually, Ludella becomes completely mesmerized by the app, her face falling forward with her eyes peeking over her glasses wide eyed, staring deeper and deeper into the spiral. " Yes Master. I must do everything you command. When you snap your fingers, I will awaken and completely obey you." POV snaps fingers. Ludella awakens, thinking that the app did not work at all. She begins to mock POV, but then POV snaps fingers again and Ludella's eyes have red swirls in them. She is now under his control; she just doesn't realize it yet. For all her years of controlling and humiliating him, he is really going to have some fun controlling her. First he has just her body obey him. The entrire time she's doing a sexy striptease for him, she's still taunting him and making fun of him for being such a loser. She has no idea that she's stripping completely naked until he snaps his fingers again to break her out of the trance. The swirls leave her eyes and she looks confused. Then she looks down to realize shes naked, and embarrassingly and humiliatingly attempts to cover up her naked body with the items on her desk, like her papers and stapler. Nothing is doing a great job at hiding her privates though and she ends up being entirely embarrassed. Ludella scolds POV, demanding to tell her what he's done and what's happening, but POV snaps his fingers again, putting Ludella back in the trance. He has her do several sexy poses. Part of her is still aware and trying to fight it, but not able to do so, but soon she's mentally powerless and unaware. "Yes, Master." She continues posing sexily with a wide-eyed blank stare. POV wakes her in a couple of humiliating poses. Each time she awakes in a humiliating pose, she's at first embarrassed and confused, and then goes to scold him, but he snaps her right back into the trance before she can finish a sentence. He takes photos of her in various embarrassing poses with his phone. Next, he has Ludella make silly faces, including crossing her eyes and sticking out her tongue. POV takes more pictures for his records. POV snaps Ludella out of the trance at various times during these embarrassing poses and silly faces, just so she can feel powerless and confused about what she's being made to do. Next he has her do a booty shaking dance. When Ludella is bent over her desk shaking her big butt, he snaps her out of the trance. "I demand you stop this at once!" SNAP. POV has more fun with Ludella, making her do extra humiliating things like act like a chicken (waking her up mid-clucking in embarrassment, then snapping her back. Then he has her crawl around, bark, pant, and act like a , wagging her butt and chasing her tail. Again, waking her in the middle of panting with her tongue sticking out, then snapping her back into it. Then, he has her act like a monkey. She even swings around from a beam. When she's snapped out, she is furious. "I am not your dancing mon--" SNAP. Back to monkeying around. Then he has her hop around like a frog saying "ribbit." POV snaps Ludella out of the trance, and she continues a few more hops before realizing what she's doing. Ludella shakes it off, completely furious at being made to do so many humiliating things. "You'll never get away with this. I'll get you FIRED!" SNAP. Ludella's eyes turn red with spirals once more, "Yes, Master. I will assume the position." She climbs onto her desk in a doggy style position, obediently, with her ass high in the air. When POV snaps his fingers, Ludella awakens to find herself unable to move. She's FROZEN in that embarrassing position. "Why can't I move? I can't move my body!" Ludella suddenly feel completely exposed and vulnerable. She realizes that there's nothing she can do to stop him. She is entirely in his control. Instead of threatening POV, she has changed her tune to begging and pleading. She offers to do his work if he'll just let her go. She pouts and gives him sad puppy eyes, but POV is not giving into her. POV touches her curvaceous body. She can't escape; the fear sets in. She's entirely under his control. If he says bark, she barks. In spite of her begging, he tells her he's going to leave her there until everyone in the office has a chance to see her like that. "No! Please, not like some sex object on my desk...please!" Not only has he trained this bitch to bark...but now he has her BEGGING.

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    Don't Tell Mom I Brainwashed the Babysitter

    Ludella Hahn is the POV's bitchy babysitter who won't pay attention to him. He asks if he can mesmerize her. She says that stuff isn't real and they just do it on TV for pretend, but he keeps bothering her about it, so she makes a deal with him that if she does it he has to stop bothering her for the rest of the night. He agrees and gives her his phone that has an entrancing app on it. She thinks it's stupid, but she humors him anyway. She quickly finds herself drawn to the swirl. Deeper and deeper her mind falls into it and after her eyes roll around she finally falls into a sleeping state. POV begins the brainwashing and has her repeat mantras of his control over her. He is Master and she must do everything he commands. When he snaps his fingers, she'll awake and obey him completely. He snaps his fingers and her eyes open with red swirls in them. The entrancing worked! He decides to humiliate her and have some fun with her in this state for what a bitch she's been. He has her bend over with her BIG BUTT in his face repeating "I have a big butt," and spanking herself while he takes photos. He then has her walk around in a mindless zombie state with her hands in front repeating more mantra of her being his brainwashed slave. He tells her to change into her yoga pants so he can better see her big butt. She obeys. When she returns, he has more fun with her, making her cluck like a chicken, crawl around and pant like a , and monkey around. She does some great impressions, completely obeying his wishes. He has her bow and serve him, do more walking in those pants, do a booty shaking dance to show off her big butt and curves, and then he has her do more posing for photos so he has some evidence of her obedience...and something to savor for later. A couple of times he snaps her out of the trance when she's in the middle of a humiliating action, which really throws her off. She gets bitchy with him wondering what the hell is going on, so he snaps her right back into it. One of the times he asks if she'll be his girlfriend and she calls him a weirdo, saying she already has a boyfriend, and besides, she's more popular and older than him. She calls him a little freak, so he snaps her back into the trance and has her call her boyfriend to break up with him. Then he tells her to be his girlfriend. She will be his forever and ever. He brainwashes her further into being completely his to do with as he pleases. She obeys completely. He reprograms her to have a bimbo cheerleader personality and then he wakes her from her trance into the new personality. She's super flirty with him now and starts doing cheers for him, touching her big boobs and showing off her big butt. She'll be his brainwashed bimbo slave babysitter forever and ever, to do with as he pleases...and no one is there to stop him.

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    Josette Duval - CTRL-ALT-DEL Student

    Josie and Missa are passing notes in class, Missa thinks the teacher is so fucking hot. Josie looks at her with those goody good eyes and mouths the word, "stop." Missa giggles. The class bell dismisses the class and the teacher asks Missa and Josie to stay after class. He asks Missa to wait outside and tells Josie that the trick to her becoming successful in life is to loosen up, to take control of her life, live to the fullest. "Mom says I'm just a late bloomer," Josette expains to her teacher, "and hey-- I know I'm not that uptight, I got a tattoo, no one will see but me, but that alone expains that I'm not uptight." The teacher exhales deeply and explains his deep desire to help her out of her shell that will surely hold her back in life, he says with concern, "I have a relaxation technique, Missa probably told you about it, it worked wonders for her, it only takes a second to learn." Josie looks confused, Missa never said a word, and she would have they tell each other everything!
    Josie accepts to try his technique, especially since he promises not to tell her parents she was passing notes in class if she agrees. She brushes her hair to the front, as he instructs, her neck is exposed, he slides on an electrical panel that latches onto her skin like a leech. "Oh!" She begins to breathe heavy, she sweats, she feels something messing with the circuitry of her body, her brain is fuzzy, her veins burn like fire, and then she regains focus. "What's happening to me," she whimpers, "I'm so hot." He instructs her to take off her jacket, she obeys, and then her skirt, she looks at him in horror. She stands up and begins to take off her skirt, "no man has seen me with my skirt off.. I will not.. I can not.." she grunts and whimpers as her body obeys his wishes. He orders him to give him a lap dance and she gives him the lap dance of his dreams. Her young body pressed closely against his, he looks at her in awe as she wiggles around like a professional stripper. He carries her to the desk and opens a desk drawer where a series of menacing sex toys, oils, and vibrators are packed in tightly. He makes his selection. He will have her orgasming, again and again. Is she a virgin, he wonders? He takes his thick cock out and paints her slit up and down, testing the opening of her pussy, "mmm.. tight. I love virgin pussy," he eases himself into her and she cries out in pain and pleasure. He fucks her, deep and cums inside of her. The more she orgams, the deeper in control she becomes. When he has exploded his hot cum inside of her, she organs yet again, she slips her fingers between her legs as he says, "bring Missa in. You want to watch me fuck your hot friend, don't you?" Josette robotically answers, "Yes Master, please fuck both of us, fill us up with your cum. Anything for you master." He smiles, he always wins.

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    Girls Gone Hypnotized - Hypno Battle Part 2

    Ludella and Nyxon have both been seeing the same guy. They had recently become aware of each other and both had the idea that they would hypnotize the other one to get rid of her, but they were surprised to learn they were thinking the exact same thing.

    After a "battle of hypnosis", the girls have managed to hypnotize each other at the same time. They sit silently in a trance until the guy they are fighting over returns to find them. When he discovers that they are both hypnotized and obedient, he decides to have a little fun and make them both into his mindless slaves.

    Swinging watch inductions (4)
    Lots of "yes, masters" and mantras repeated
    Sleepwalking/zombie walking scenes
    Hypnotized girls are made to stand up as they are inspected
    Made to go topless
    Each girl brought out of trance to react to the situation, and then re-hypnotized
    Put into zombie pose and made to repeat mantras
    Felt up while entranced
    Each girl is repeatedly made to open her eyes and then put back to sleep with eye fluttering.
    Hypnotized girls are led up to the bedroom

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    Bewitching the Bitch - Halloween Brainwashing Revenge

    Alternative Title "Witch Better Have My Candy." POV arrives at Ludella's house on Halloween with a plan to get revenge on her for being such a bitch and humiliating him at school. He knows her parents are at some party and she's home alone with candy duty, so the timing is perfect. She opens the door with a less than gracious attitude and her attitude turns to full on bitch mode when she sees it's him. She refuses to give him any candy, though of course he has a different kind of candy in mind. "Ugh. I'm going to tell everyone at school that you were trick-or-treating like a loser. Now, get out of here, weirdo." But he stops her from shutting the door and pushes his way in, applying a device to her temple that shocks he into a submissive mesmerized state. "Yes, Master. This way," She ascends the stairs to her bedroom and he locks the door behind them.

    Then, he plays with her. First, making her walk around like a zombie with her hands in front. He also does things like make her show off her butt, dance sexily, strip, crawl around and act like a doggy, play with her big tits, show off her body and state mantras of her submission to him and about her body belonging to him...all while snapping her out of it in embarrassing moments just so she has an opportunity to be humiliated. She continues to act like a bitch whenever she returns to her normal state, so he puts her back in a trance to train her some more. Finally, when she's completely naked and in the middle of bouncing her boobs for him, he snaps her out to complete his revenge. GASP! "What is going on here? You need to undo whatever weirdoness you did to me!" But she finds out that he's recorded the whole humiliating evening and will release it on the internet if she doesn't do everything he says. She is completely frustrated. How could he do this to her?

    At first she thinks she can get her way out of it. She'll just tell Daddy and then...and then he'll know about, no she can't have him know about this. "Ugh! I can't believe you're going to get away with this you little twerp! And, I can't believe I'm even going to say this, but, what do I need to do to get you to keep this video secret?" The thing of it is, he had planned on returning her to the entranced state the entire time. He just wanted to see her humiliation, to see her freak out and cave. He just wanted to see her get desperate. But now all he wants is for her to remain his submissive do what he wants with her... SNAP! "Yes, Master, I am yours forever." She lowers herself to the ground in a submissive position. She is his now. The bitch is his bewitched slave until he wants otherwise

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    Hahnny Quinns Brainwashed Bat

    When Batgurl escaped, Hahnny set a plan in motion. Knowing her secret identity of Babs Gordon, Hahnny hacks into her home computer with a brainwashing spiral that will mesmerize and entrance her.

    She tries to fight it, but she is forced to do all the humiliating things Hahnny makes her do for kicks. She forces her to strip out of her librarian clothes, grope her tits, do a sexy dance completely NAKED, act like a cat. It's humiliating! Unfortunately the magic is too strong and in spite of her efforts to fight it, the brainwashing is already taking effect as Hahnny goes through the steps.

    The next step is a package at Babs' door with a uniform much like Hahnny's along with makeup for her to put on to TRANSFORM her into a villain. Hahnny is doing all this as a gift for her puddin' to get Babs off his scent by making her evil (unaware that he's already brainwashed her before in the episode "The Jokester's New Trick: Brainwashed Batgurl"). Once Babs is fully dressed as a Hahnny Quinn clone complete with pigtails, she is forced to look back into the spiral where she's taken deeper.

    The spiral swirls in her eyes and now her eyes bear the spiral mark of a brainwashed slave. Hahnny has her repeat mantras "I am a brainwashed bat. I am Hahnny's H**no slave" while walking around with her hands in front of her, mindless and entranced. Babs must do dances and grope herself as well to prove she's fully under. She barely blinks. She's like a mindless robot.

    Hahnny activates the next step. The swirls disappear; the brainwashing is complete. Babs is now evil. She's now chaos. She's now Barbie Quinn.

    Will she be able to be saved? Will she break out of the trance? Is Batgurl gone forever?

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    Kayla's Eternal Dream - Business Partner Blackmails & Fucks Shy Wife

    Brunette clip star Kayla is always gorgeous as she plays a shy wife who is home alone with her husband's friend. She is sitting on the couch talking to his hot friend wearing sexy office dress, bra, panties and high.heels that shows off her large natural tits, long legs, and her firm ass. Her beauty makes him tell her he is going to ruin her husband's business. She is so shy, and she reluctantly gives him a blow job while she masturbates; she gets so horny she forgets her husband and she fucks him with her panties still on until he blows his cum all over her clothes.

    Kayla says:
    "Kayla's husband's business partner tells Kayla he has some bad news. Her husband's business is doing poorly and he'll have to withdraw his funding...unless they can come to some sort of agreement. She is appalled by his lewd suggestion, and pushes his hand away each time he reaches for her leg. She is not that kind of woman. He tells Kayla that he fantasizes about watching her masturbate. She is disgusted. If she lets him watch, he won't withdraw his funding from her husband's soon to be bankrupt business....she reluctantly agrees.

    She slowly starts to rub her breasts...he tells her to remove her top and place her hand in her bra. He gives her a drink that drugz her, and lets her relax. After playing with her bare tits she slowly slides her hand up her skirt..almost as if teasing him, but with a vacant expression. She rubs herself through her panties...he places her hand on the bulge in his trousers.

    When his cock is exposed, she looks surprised. He asked if the rumors he's heard are true..about her husband being a poor lover. To her embarrassment, she admits her husband has a very tiny penis and cums too soon.

    She lamely tries to stop him, as he penetrates her. She moans out in pleasure, about how much bigger he is than her husband. How much better he can satisfy her than her husband, his amazing abilities. Until she orgasms and he cums all over her panties."

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    Daphne's Fantasies presents Ghostie [Mind Control Theatre]

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    Hypnopimp Alora Part 2

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    Alyssa Reece and Sophia Fox - Hypnotic Orgasm Slaves

    For a very special session I welcome two of my most requested subjects, Alyssa Reece and Sophia Fox to be hypnotized together.

    The first suggestion I give them is to alternate between hating and loving each other each time I ring a bell. This turns out to both hilarious and very sexy. When they like each other they REALLY like each other and when they hate each other their bitchy antics are a sight to see.

    Next I hypnotize them each to be obsessed with giving the other an orgasm. However, the first one to come will instantly become the other's slave, obeying her every command with and obedient "yes, Mistress." Of course, if the Mistress gets greedy and orders her slave to pleasure her, an orgasm will reverse their roles. You have to see what happens when I awaken them after this.

    This session is packed with a lot of very sexy duo action. You really don't want to miss it.

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